Hands off, lecherous geezer!

A good friend of mine just sent me this interesting Craigslist DC personals ad, asking me Did you post this???? Now why would she be thinking that?

Because I “prefer to meet up for coffee or a beer, as opposed to lengthy email exchanges” or even dinner? Or that I’m “a bit older, but looks younger and relates to all ages”? Or just “attractive, active, fit, fun and open minded”?

Alas, while I could stand in for the writer, it’s not I. No, I learned my cradle-robbing lesson long ago with this great “hands off, lecherous geezer” email from a friend’s much younger sister:

I am deeply flattered but I just cant face the ridicule, jokes, and other horrible comments that will come with me going out with one of my brother’s friends. If that isn’t reason enough, just think that when you were a freshmen in college and chasing sorority girls in skirts, I was in the fourth grade, learning about the reproductive system for the very first time.

Nice, eh? So good luck to the SWM, may he be luckier than I. May we all.

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