Flat Tax for DC??

I can just see the smile on Tom’s face as he reads this, both the flax tax angle and the taxation without representation angle, and I know he’s gonna be commenting. So with a wiry smile I note that the New York Sun reports:

Senator Brownback, a Republican of Kansas, is looking to introduce legislation that would make Washington a “laboratory” for testing a flat tax’s merits, and will hold hearings early next year to explore the issue.”

I’m excited about it,” Mr. Brownback told The New York Sun in a phone interview earlier this week. Mr. Brownback said that making D.C. a test case would, with limited potential for negative impact, provide valuable data about the effects of a flat tax that would prove helpful in determining whether it should be applied nationwide

Here we go again, some crazy-ass Congressman is thinking DC is his personal sandbox. If he wants to mess with the tax structure, I say go with no Federal taxes. Not only would that be right – no taxation without representation – it would spur growth, investment, and a massive influx of Republicans like nuttin else would.

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