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Last Wednesday at 4pm I was in a meeting with the VP of Field Operations and the CFO of my company. We’re talking about this new Geekcorps program we just won in Lebanon – Access to International Markets through Information Technology (AIM-IT), and how the VP is going to Beirut to start the program today.

I’m excited, for not only does this project mean Geekcorps doubles again in size, but that I get to go to Lebanon in January to start the programmatic cycle of the project. Or so I thought. My boss, talking about the size of the program and the need to get things going says to the CFO “Right, it is more work than I can do in two weeks. Wayan, can you go to Lebanon with me on Monday for two weeks?” Ha! Me? Lebanon? Two weeks? Monday? There is only one answer:

“Hell Yes!”

So sees ya DC Metblogs, I’m off to Beirut today for two weeks. Nice eh? Merry early Xmas to me!

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