Do you hoard peanuts & bubble wrap?

Do you? You know if you do. You hear that soothing wondrous “pop!” we all love, when a bubble wrap bubble dies, and you freak out. You’re the one with little Styrofoam bits on your clothes, little ones jumping on you from your piles in boxes under your desk. You’re the one never to send them to the trash.

Well now you can get them out of your life and space and yet know they are going to good homes. dc_heidi over at Columbia Heights Yahoo Groups wants to take them off your hands. She says:

Rather than send bubble wrap and peanuts to the landfill, please bring them by my house! I know someone that runs a mail order shop, and I’m happy to have people drop it off on my porch whenever, and then I will take it to her when I have a big enough load. This is a standing year-round offer (although she could definitely use it now during the holiday season). Heidi, 2515 12th Street, (put it in the barrel on the front porch)

So what are you waiting for – free your bubbles and nuts, send them to Heidi!

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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