Are you man enough for a mani-pedi?

That’s right, can you commit to a manicure and pedicure? Can you allow a woman to cut, shape, and massage your nails and hands the way they should be? If so, you should go to Today’s Look at the corner of 17th and L Streets NW.

Not only do they have good nail care, it is also where I met Mary Byrd back in the day. MB (of the Virginia Byrd’s) reminded me when I met her right there on 17th out in front of Today’s Look after her weekly mani-pedi, that a man should not leave a woman wanting.

Needless to say I didn’t, and that’s maybe why Miss Saigon is no longer, but more to the point – go to Today’s Look for Downtown Nails in Beirut, Lebanon is not the place you should go if you miss your bi-monthly mani-pedi in DC. No, Downtown Nails in Beirut is not a “nail bar” as they call them here, or even a nail salon as they call them in DC, but a nail butchery that left me with only a semblance of the good keratin I came here with.

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