Christmas Cross-Town DC Airport Dash

I dare you to top this trans-Atlantic trip home for the holidays:

While Jenn got lucky and just cruised through DCA yesterday, I’m about to attempt the mad Xmas Airport Scrum in not just one, but two DC airports.

With a last minute trip to Lebanon just now ending, I’m currently in Charles du Gaulle airport awaiting my flight back to DC. Arriving at Dulles around 1pm, I’m gonna do my best OJ Simpson high hurtles impression for after I exit the Immigrations/Customs madness, it’s off to National for me.

National on the Friday before Christmas. National on the Friday before Christmas with pounding jet lag. National on the Friday before Christmas with pounding jet lag after eleven hours on two flights, and facing four hours on two more flights.

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to this one. Oh, did I mention I have all of three hours to make this cross-town sprint + gate rush?

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