A New Delta Direct: DCA-MLB

While Jen is right, small-town Florida isn’t up to speed, we both have family down here, which means the obligatory trips home. Unlike Jen, I love coming down for a long weekend at a time – it’s the only way to ensure a deep, rich tan all winter that strikes envy in the hearts of ass-white snow-bunny Yankees.

Starting today, sun runs for us with family on the Space & Treasure Coasts will be getting so much easier and quicker. Delta Connection carrier Comair are introducing the only non-stop flights between Melbourne and Washington, D.C.’s National Airport. I just checked the schedules and the 6:45pm departure time from DCA pared with a 6:45am departure from MLB means you can get your full sun + fam dose for a weekend, without missing a minute of work.

Sees ya soon on a beach like this:

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