The Week in Blogger Happy Hours

Aww yeah, what’s better than one blog-based happy hour this week? How about two blog-based happy hours!

  • The first one, started by the unbeknownst-to-me-till-now United Weblogger Meetup Day group looks like it’s gonna be an assembly of random DC “bloggers, commenters, readers, linkers, lurkers, and what have you” so far 30 RSVPs strong for a par-tay on Wednesday in Mackeys @ 1828 L Street.
  • Next up we have those crazy kids over at DCist throwing a happy hour to prove “we’re not just Internet dorks, speaking in binary as we hatch nefarious blogger plans in smoke-filled rooms.” Well that remains to be seen, but they did score seemingly cooler digs, Cue Bar @ the north side of U Street, between 11th and 12th Streets for Thursday. Just one question DCist – why you pick a bar w/o a website?

Oh and yes, DCMB will be at both, in style. Good times? Of course. Photos? You bet. Babbling about both on DCMB? Expect nothing less.

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