DC Singles – Scary

Let’s say you want to try out this whole Internet dating thing. That you’re a little overwhelmed by Match.com and the likes of DCDomme. Then, if you were the shy but somewhat adventurous type, would you, by chance, pick your dating site by cardboard posters stuck in the ground, ala campaign posters?

I can see that in a political town like DC this could make some sense, but really? If the folks are too skittish, DC Singles, you actually think they’ll join your site if they see some street-side sign?

And wait until they check out your site – well if they don’t go to DCSingles.com by mistake that is. If they make it to the http://www.dcsingles.org/ they’ll be greeted by a long form to fill out.

A form that asks for an Evening Phone, a Daytime Phone, and the question: “What is the best time for us to contact you?” Contact me? Wait; is this a personal site or a telemarketing site? And why does a quick Google search bring up 174 other websites just like this one. You’re not helping me “Meet Verified Local Singles Now” that way!

No, everything about your site makes me think its cheap and sleazy – akin to Joe’s Fly-By-Night Telemarketing Business, Inc. And I’m not the only one creeped out either. I wonder if they’re any realtion to that sneaky Columbia Heights News?

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