District Driving Facts

A number of people may not be aware of this, but just as a right on red is legal in the District of Columbia, so is a left, provided that you are on a one-way street and turning onto another one-way street. It’s hard to verify, since for no reason I can discern you can’t get the DC driver’s handbook online – there’s only the practice test

What is easy to verify, however, is that if you want me to turn on red there is no way other than patience for you to make it happen. What you can make happen is me waiting through the entire red light, which is accomplished by leaning on your horn. See, here’s the thing, Sparky. I can turn on red, but I don’t have to turn on red. So when someone is rude to me and I have nowhere to be, I’m gonna take my sweet time. So you got to wait out the light. Oops. I know you didn’t appreciate it based on your subsequent behavior, but here’s hoping you took a lesson from the experience.

Not all States allow right or left on red, by the way, so if you will be traveling anytime soon you can consult this excellent list of links to driving manuals in all the States.

Image from the VA complete driver’s manual.

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