Put Away the Party Hats

So this week is Chinese New Year, #4704, the Year of the Dog, and with that there will be a parade tomorrow in what’s left of DC’s Chinatown. Before you get your hopes up for a rocking good time, let me tell you that Chinese New Years are not like our own.

No Dick Clark, no shiny ball, no drunken revelry. While there is a cool-ass parade, full of fireworks and dragons, it’s not the pa-tay scene you might expect. As I learned in my Lame-O Malaysian New Years, most Chinese spend their New Years celebrating at home with family.

This is arguably a better way to spend your culture’s change of calendar, one I’ve take up myself in fact. But if you really need to check the scene tomorrow – its from 2 to 5pm at Sixth and I streets NW along nearby streets to Sixth and H streets NW.

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