The bOrfs who got away

So bOrf was sentenced to a month in jail yesterday. That’s nice, but they forgot two other guilty bOrfs – Mom Murphy and Dad Tsombikos.

It was Kathleen Murphy of Great Falls, aka Mom bOrf who knowingly gave little bOrf Tsombikos the living room floor to set up his graffiti stencils. It was Mom who gave him keys + cash and sent him into DC to tag. And its called adding and abetting when you enable crime to that extent.

Did Kathleen Murphy control bOrf after his arrest? Nope, she sent him to Konstantine Tsombikos, aka Dad bOrf. And did Dad discipline bOrf? Apparently not, if you read the WashPost:

And he must pay $12,000 in restitution, money that better not come out of his parents’ bank accounts, the judge said. “In other words,” she said, “not the bogus jobs that your father gives you in New York”

So that’s discipline in Konstantine Tsombikos’s house – a bogus job. Now did he keep his son on the straight and narrow when not at his bogus job, or did he, like Kathleen Murphy, give bOrf keys + cash and sent him to tag the nearest big city? Yep, just what I thought keys + cash and directions to NYC.

So why aren’t Kathleen Murphy and Konstantine Tsombikos in jail with bOrf? They’re just as guilty.

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