Note to Sammy Sosa

Hey Sammy,

Rumor has it the guys over at RFK have offered you half a million dollars for a one year contract here in DC. It also seems that you’re a bit, how shall I say, conflicted about taking what amounts to a major pay cut to be one of the outfield platoon here in Washington.

I remember six summers ago when I drove from Ohio to Chicago to watch you roam right field at the friendly confines and smack the cover off the ball against the Astros. It was great to see someone with so much passion for the game. Then came the bat-corking. And maybe even the steroids. And while you never tested positive, you suddenly weren’t hitting quite like you were once upon a time. Last year, even in friendly Camden Yards, you only managed 14 homers in 102 games.

Tell you what, Sammy, take the money and come to DC. You can sprint out to the outfield in front of fans who really won’t care how many dingers you hit into the cavernous outfield, just that you came to DC and showed some hustle in the twilight of your career. Sign the deal, Sammy.

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