Coin Counting + Cookies @ Chevy Chase Bank

I like Chevy Chase Bank. Today I went to the branch next to my office and used their free coin counting service. Unlike other banks that require you to roll your coins and be a customer, or some grocery store machines that charge you 2-5%, Chevy Chase Banks have a coin counter that will automatically count your loose coins and give you a bank slip to take to the teller for cash. I just turned my office coin jar into $11 in bills – perfect for my Powerball lottery play.

In addition to the free coin counting at Chevy Chase Banks, today they’re giving out free cookies to promote some new product they have. Free coins and cookies. Now that’s a great bank!

Still, funny enough, I am not a customer. In fact, I don’t even use banks, and if you have more than a few thousand in total assets (cash + IRAs), I don’t understand anyone who does. Why deal with their restrictive fees and rules when you can do all the usually banking actives and manage your investments via a brokerage account?

I still like the coin counting + cookies though.

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