A Sign of the Times?

Take a look at this crosswalk sign from in front of the International Trade Building. Note anything strange about it?

How about that the large, highlighted, first-read words are “You Must” and then “To Call For”. You must – that would be a direct order, but “to call for” what?

Any random graphic artist professional, and common sense, will tell you that you should highlight what matters, and in this case it would be: “Push Button” and “Walk Signal“, the exact words de-emphasized.

As it stands now, the emphasis is on the direct order “You Must”, not on what you must do or why. Kinda seems like the whole atmosphere of today’s government, eh? Then again, this crosswalk’s users would be government workers going between the International Trade and Department of Commerce buildings.

A non-linear bunch all, I’m sure.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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