Are We Really That Techie?


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There I was, picking up flank steak and wine at Whole Foods in Clarendon, when I was struck by something absolutely bizarre. I’m used to seeing Tabloids and Fitness Mags. I’m even not surprised to see Rachael Ray’s new magazine in the stand.

But Wired?

At the checkout? Really?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Wired, I think it’s great, but I’m astounded to see it at the checkout stand, I always thought it was a bookstore or newsstand kind of magazine.

I could see this happening in San Francisco. I could see this happening in Seattle. But DC? Really?

There are some thoughts here:

  • Is this a Tech-Becoming-Mainstream issue?
  • Or perhaps a Women Enjoy Technology, too, issue?
  • Maybe they got the wrong shipment and just decided to roll with it…

I dunno, but I’m not sure I’m willing to accept that my complete geekdom is normal.

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