Midday Nightmares

What do you call a nightmare that happens during the day? Daymares? I really got nothing here, other than it could best be described as trying to get a parking space anywhere near the Mall right now. I had a good business lunch in Clarendon and figured I’d celebrate by going to see the cherries after that. I drove. Critical error in judgment, for sure, with all the transit options, but I figured it would be the best way to keep my mobility after I was done.

Yeah, not so much. 14th Street was jammed up, Constitution was jammed up. Independence was a lurking horror. Parking was nowhere to be found and there’s no way I was going to pay a garage to hold my car for just a quick hour or two of flower gazing. I settled for just driving around the tidal basin and enjoying the sights, before swerving back across the river. Looks like it’ll have to wait until the weekend.

Is there super secret rockstar parking down by the Mall I just don’t know about? Or a cheap garage? Or should I just stick to the transit system?

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