Temperance Hall Monitor

Last night, I took it upon myself to check out the new watering hole on Georgia Avenue at Petworth that folks are talking about: Temperance Hall.

With a swank old-school decor (velvet wallpaper!) and a damn fine drink selection (good beers and rye), the atmosphere was first rate. The service however, was slower than molasses. Luckily Manager Dan here had the great idea to jump out and help the newbie & slammed server get back to speed.

While we waited for our drinks, a pool challenge was thrown down. I was game till cash came out. It seems there’s a hustler or two at the lone pool table in the back and I’m way too Scratch Fats to compete for a Jackson.

Darpino will be pleased to note that the music selection was first rate and eclectic. Not sure if it was jukebox or owner selected, but a good night is when I sing Prince’s Little Red Corvette on my walk home.

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