Nigerian 419 Scams now on

Millions and still a bad dresser?

Now isn’t this interesting. Jeseca12, a 24 year old Washingtonian woman, is looking for a “very responssible man that is going to be there for me. a very nice, hombe, caring, honest, truthful, respectful” and just happens to have a life story startlingly similar to Nigerian 419 scams.

We have tragedy:

i loss my dad and my mom wen i was 4years of age my dad am mom live house on about to travel to there company in spain den. it was bad news hearing to me that dad and mom. they where have a hearpleine crach

We have wealth:

because my dad has about. 8.6millionusd. in is account…the lawyer make me to know that even if i can be with a man any where time now. he his going to transfer the money in my dad account to the man who i call my husband account

And we have the way you can help:

so i will like to fined my true lovely match here and i will be happy to fined my happy reasponssible lover here that we care alot for my life

Now if we only had spelling, grammar, and a hint of plausibility. But no matter, I am sure there will be a sucker (or a dozen) even here in smarty-pants DC that will fall for Jeseca12‘s scam.

I hope it will not be you.

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