Supreme Court TV?

It’s entirely possible that this story is the exact opposite of the MetroBlogging sole guideline: stories about your locale. However I think it’s (ahem) supremely interesting…

SCOTUSBlog has reported on a bill introduced that would compel the Supreme Court to televise all open proceedings unless there is a compelling reason not to, and further spells out the only reason the court would be free to restrict that televising – a violation of a participant’s due process rights.

I say this may be relevant to everyone except us because we locals are the only ones who can try to see the court in operation without a lot of potentially expensive travel. If we want to watch oral arguments the instructions on the website are pretty simple: show up and get in line at least 30 minutes before and you may or may not get in. Pretty trivial for me to come into the city and make a possibly failed attempt, but a whole other thing if you’re in Wisconsin or Georgia.

Is Congress interested in letting everyone see the big wheels of justice grind or are they just pissed they missed their chance to watch Anna Nicole?

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Hmm, guess I just did.

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