A Bum’s Life

It is a beautiful day in McPherson Square, sunny, with a light breeze. It is a perfect day really, and I can imagine only one way to spend that day: playing chess.

How about if I take my chess board down to the park & set it up by the 42/S/30′s bus stop? I know folks will be hanging around there all day, maybe one would like to play a game with me. If they think they’re good, I might even bet ‘em or at least get a few bucks from ‘em while I kick ass.

Now to make it all home-like, to really get folks feeling the chess, how about if I decorate around the chessboard? Pile big plastic bags, assorted empty bottles and trash that cascade out onto the sidewalk. Yeah, that’ll make it nice and inviting.

Home Sweet Home in McPherson Square

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