DCist Going Singular?

Did anyone else catch the major non-no perpetrated by Kyle Gustafson on yesterday’s DCist Photo of the Day post? Did you note the flagrant use, nay, abuse of the letter “i”?

I counted at least 11 lone letter “i”‘s, unsupported by surrounding letters, independent and indivisible in the post. And 24 hours later they’re still there! A totally random and unscientific survey of his entries show this “i” usage is new and different.

Could this mean that DCist is slowing breaking with the “Royal We” rule of the “ist” empire? Is Kyle is the vanguard for change to be more like the ragingly “I” of Metblogs? Or could it be a sinister Singularist mole infiltration?

I, for one, have my suspicions…

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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