National Day of Action Coverage

Today there will be a major immigration rights march winding its way through Washington DC. Starting in Meridian Hill Park around noon and gathering at the Washington Monument by 5pm, the march should be 200,000+ strong, and if past marches are any indication, downtown will be a mess of marchers, police, barricades, and the press.

You’re most likely at work right now and will be during the majority of the festivities. You’ll be nose-to-the-grindstone while the marchers rally against The Man behind HR 4437. And you’ll be wondering what in the hell is going on.

Do not fear, DC Metroblogging is here! We’ll have on-site reporters blogging the scene for you in real time. A flag burnt? A protester arrested? A conga line singing “Today we march, tomorrow we vote“? We’ll be there and you can read it here – on DC Metroblogging!

Better yet, DC Metroblogging, like our nation, is a participatory activity. That means today its time to stop lurking and start commenting. Or get crazy and get out, grab your camera, and add to our photostream here.

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