When Wedding Planning Fails

Back in December while we were busy getting screwed by Ridgewells Catering, my fiancée and I called up Michael Landrum from Ray’s the Steaks and asked about the opportunity to rent out the restaurant for an evening. Sure, it might cost what those dirty stinking liars at Ridgewells were going to charge us, but at least we like Michael and Ray’s, and wedding steak is a good alternative to wedding cake. Michael told us about his new space that he would be opening in January February March April May in Silver Spring, and that there would be private dining space that could seat 60.

Sweet. That would work out nicely.

He told us to call him as the opening got closer. So we kept checking on the progress. We admire Michael for creating the new Ray’s on the profits of the old Ray’s instead of taking out a massive bank loan, and so we waited in patient hope. Tuesday marked the 60 days-until-the-wedding-day date and my breaking point. I called the Arlington Ray’s in hope of talking with Michael. I got the new and improved message announcing their no-reservation policy and left a message for Michael to call me. Today, he did.

In short, the new Ray’s won’t open with the new private dining area available for reservation. They need to make the right staffing decision to handle that, and right now, they don’t have the available data.

While I don’t feel screwed by Michael, I certainly feel screwed by fate. I need a nice place to have our wedding reception. Seats 60. Wine available. And I’d rather not pay so much that I’m paying it off like a student loan. Got a recommendation? Post in the comments. If you send us the right direction, there will definitely be a reward.

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