Falun Gong Takeover of McPherson Square

If you are downtown today, you might wanna check out the massive Falun Gongregation happening in McPherson Square.

Not content with the small ongoing protest in front of the Chinese Embassy on Connecticut Avenue, or last week’s better location of Farragut Park, they’ve now massing for a serious protest – going for numbers as well as location.

I’m going with a completely unscientific 1,000+ Falun Gong Dafa’ers, and based on the backpacks, food, water, and organization, they’re ready for a day-long occupation.

Oh and they’re also shifted tactics. No longer content with the usual “Oh we’re persecuted” line, or last week’s organ harvesting upgrade, now they’re going all out politically too. Chants of “Down with the CCP!”, calling for an end of the Chinese Communist Party is a sign they’ve given up thinking they’ll get anywhere with the current government. Now the Dafaists are for all-out regime change.

Good luck with that, kids. Just be sure to pick up your trash as you leave, or I’ll be calling you out for trashing the park too.

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