The Definitive DC Patio Lunch List

Following on the wild success of the Definitive Patio Bar list for outdoor nocturnal drinking, a beautiful day like today calls for a new list: The Definitive DC Patio Lunch List.

So what might qualify as a patio lunch spot? Well glad ya asked! Here’s the requirements:

  • more than 5 outdoor tables
  • a solid, regular, polite lunch crowd
  • quick, snappy service
  • reservations accepted or turnover so quick as not to matter
  • damn good, or at least damn cheap eats

Honorable mention will go to take out shops next to nice parks or places like Loebs, which has great location and outdoor seating, but leaves you reeking of grill-smell from just the 5 minutes it takes to order.

Drop your ideas, comments, and better yet reviews of your favorite patio lunch spot into comments now!

Blue shirt face stuffing @ Loebs

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