America’s sport remarkably lacking America’s credit card obsession

I guess it’s no surprise – the players of America’s Pastime don’t really reflect the average American when it comes to salary or lifestyle, why would they reflect the aspect where 75% of us have credit cards and largely eschew cash? Jose Guillen‘s girlfriend was robbed wednesday… while leaving a check-cashing place with over $10,000 in cash.

I’d really meant to snark more about this and comment on how odd it is to me that someone living such a big money lifestyle (a $2,000 bag? That’s about the book value of the newer of my two cars…) is patronizing check cashing places, the syphilitic carbuncles of our economy that prey on those who can least afford them and whose presence are a flawless predictor of how low-wage a neighborhood is.

But the more I thought about it, though, the sadder it made me. MLB expends a ton of effort making sure to get their corporate welfare from chump politicians so they can get their stadium handouts but what are they doing for their young and vulnerable players? Where was this guy’s agent, for that matter? You’re suppose to be looking out for this guy’s career, Jerry Maguier – doesn’t that include getting him into some decent money management hands and, oh, I dunno – A BANK?

Then again, the banks are little better than those scum-sucking opportunistic lowlifes at the check cashing & usury payday loan operations. Maybe Guillen’s apparent methodology of storing his fortune in a tube sock under his mattress isn’t so unreasonable after all….

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