Miller Lite for $6.50?!

This is what I don’t get, what I don’t understand, and why I am not a big live-sports fan: who thought up charging $6.50 for a Miller Lite @ RFK?

Yes, I know, some people pay that and roll with it, and it keeps others from over-drinking but Miller Lite @ $6.50 does not make me want to buy two. Yet Miller Lite @ $6.50 does not keep me from getting drunk.

Miller Lite @ $6.50 makes me wanna pre-drink, getting a few Fox and Hounds’ $5.50 vodka tonics, Absolute vodka tonics no less, and then sneaking a flask into RFK.

Drunk I still was, fun I still had, and annoy others I still did, but not with $6.50 Miller Lite’s. Nope, only a cup of Coke and flask of rum – perfection on a cold night.

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