Chateau Kefraya – My Spanish Fly

Last night was half-price wine night at Meze, a Mediterranean restaurant on 18th Street with an open patio and long wine list. By the time I met my friends there, they were several bottles to the wind.

They were just finishing a $32 $16 bottle from Bekka Valley’s Chateau Kefraya, which interestingly enough, I drank myself silly at during my Lebanon escapade last December.

While I did discover that its Beer Pong – not Beirut, never in Lebanon did I hear hotties giving great quotes like these from last night:

“If I’m gonna do a threesome, it will be with another girl, not two guys. Because, you know, a girl will make you happy.”


“I would do one with a girl friend, someone I know like you, but the guy would need to be random. Oh waiter..”

Yeah, I would highly recommend taking a few girls to Meze‘s half-price wine night on a beautiful summer evening. Who knows what could happen!

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