Does 126 Miles Per Hour Make a Man Sexy?

Here’s a question for the ladies:

If you are out with a 28 year old Georgetown University law student, in his brand new silver 2006 Infiniti G35, and he took you for a record 126 mile per hour spin on the George Washington Memorial Parkway at 4 in the morning, would you be impressed? Would you think him more sexy and virile? Would you want to get frisky in the back seat – right there?

Does it call to ya, Drew?

What about after the U.S. Park Police arrested him and took him a Park Police station? Would he still be cool then? And would you stick around long enough to drive his car to the police station?

While I have no clue if Drew Hoffman’s woman thinks he’s a hottie after he was sentenced to 12 days in jail and a year on probation yesterday, she apparently did be a sport and drive his car to the police station after his Speed Racer stint.

Drew, if she still talks to you, that’s one cool chick. If she doesn’t, mind sending her my way?

She’ll be happy to know I top out at 8 miles an hour on foot or 25 miles per hour on my bicycle, and have no chance at Drew’s GW Parkway record in the back seat of a taxi.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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