Ice Cream on McPherson Square

It’s a nice Friday afternoon, and you’ve just had lunch. Now your sweet tooth is kicking in and you’re wondering what’s around McPherson Square. Maybe the new Hershey’s Premium Ice Cream Store might temp your taste buds?

Before you get the wrong impression, Hershey’s Premium Ice Cream is not from that Hershey family. This Hershey family started Hershey Premium Ice Cream in 1894 and is no relation to the Hershey Food Corporation family.

Then the Hershey Premium Ice Cream is tasty, is cold, and it’s good, but at $3.09 for a small cup, not cheap. Me, I think I’ll stick with the Ben & Jerry’s to-go cup sale at Safeway.

Last but not least, if you’re still hungry for real food after lunch, the Hershey Premium Ice Cream store also sells… hot dogs! No word if they serve hot dogs with ice cream and chocolate syrup like a banana split.

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