Bus-Bike Lane Abuse

This is the Bus and Bike Lane on 7th Street NW, the one installed last year when the DC Circulating Joke started. While the Bus & Bike Lane is not without controversy, all the moaning is now moot.

A short survey of those on 7th Street headed north shows that drivers are not respecting its intention – they are driving in the Bus & Bike Lane regardless of its posted purpose.

While I was taking this shot, a passerby said, “Yeah, I drive it in all the time. It’s great for passing.” And when I asked a nearby MPD officer he said that driving in the lane is not a moving violation but a $50 parking ticket.

While a $50 parking ticket ain’t cheap, he contented that people don’t care if it’s a ticket – they only care if its points on their license. The points might add up to a license revocation, while just a fine, well that’s figured into the cost of driving.

I am annoyed to see that the Bus & Bike Lane is abused, and angered by the proverbial shrugging shoulder from the Metropolitan Police Department. Bus lanes, and even more so, bike lanes are needed in this city and should be respected and enforced.

Driving in either should be more, like a $100 fine, a point or three on the license, and strict enforcement. Then DC drivers would give respect where its due – to duly posted and marked Bus and Bike Lanes.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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