Civilization comes to Shirlington

Civilization comes to Shirlington

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South Arlington has long been a grocery wasteland, with your options being a run down Safeway, and even more run down Giant, and no good place to get groceries that you wouldn’t be scared of. Sure, the made-over Safeway on Route 7 looks nice, but the fish section still reeks, the beef looks a bit picked over, and the “organic” produce section is just a few tiny veggies. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

The new end of the Shirlington Village will have a Harris Teeter, a Robeks, a Caribou Coffee and a Johnny Rockets. While it’s not a Wegman’s, or an indie coffee shop, it is a real grocery store, and something South Arlington has desperately needed.

About goddamn time! Now…when does it open? Shirlington Villages’ site doesn’t say, nor does the Harris Teeter site, and all the signage down by the space doesn’t issue a date. However, most of the façades behind the fence appear to be mostly complete, which is a good sign that perhaps this fall we might have a new grocery store…

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