DC Got Robbed by Esquire!

Take a wild-assed guess which bar the June Esquire picks as Washington DC’s best inebriation institution in the “Best Bars in America” article.

I’ll give you a hint: its not on the DC Metblogs Definitive Patio Bar List.

Of all the cool bars, dive or not in DC, Esquire picked The Tune Inn. The Tune Inn. Huh… And what the hell is that? I’ve never even heard of the Tune Inn. Have you? Have you actually been there? Are you willing to admit to it in the comments section? Would you ever go back?

Esquire, who anointed this random crap bar the “Best in DC” over stalwarts like Fox and Hounds or newcomers like Tonic, which cures what ails ya, doesn’t sell me on the Tune Inn’s worthiness either.

Your Having: A ten dollar pitcher of Miller with a burger. The mounted deer heads on the wall make this dive interesting. The deer asses make it great. (331 1/2 Pennsylvania Avenue SE; 202-543-2725)

Amazing. I say that the only great ass is Esquire in picking the place. Oh and if you agree with me, don’t be shy, get all up in Esquire’s face – they’re taking America’s Best Bar submissions now.

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