The War Tapes come to DC

No, they’re not some 21st century version of the Pentagon Papers; it’s an independent movie assembled from video taken by 10 soldiers in Iraq who were sent cameras by the filmmakers. It’s also not a screed from either side; the filmmakers claim that their intent is to let the soldiers speak for themselves.

From their FAQ

If you’re asking whether TWT is pro- or anti- war, it’s neither. The soldiers with cameras have different beliefs about whether we should still be in Iraq. The filmmakers all respect those differences and this movie is not afraid to show them. You’ll see one soldier joining because of 9/11, and another saying its all about money and oil.

This film is not an objective or partisan film – it’s not trying to answer, “is this the right war?” Instead, TWT is trying to answer: “what is war for the soldiers who live it?”

Local screenings open June 30th at the Landmark E St Cinema. Looks to be good.

555 11th Street NW
Washington, DC 20004
(entrance on E Street between 10th and 11th Street)
(202) 452-7672

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