Canada Day on the Mall

Today, July 1, it is time to celebrate a nation’s founding. No, I am not drunk on cheep booze and off by three days, I am talking Canada Day – the day Canadians try to make folks believe they aren’t just an extension of North Dakota or France of the North.

And what better way to celebrate Canadian Independence Day that on the Mall at the Folklife Festival. The Smithsonian’s annual celebration of all things distant and exotic has an expose on the very striking.. Alberta?

Yes, that Alberta, the one in Canada. The one the Smithsonian gushes over with this riveting prose:

Alberta’s true wealth is its people–a diverse, hard-working, innovative population whose “can do” spirit has transformed a frontier territory into a prosperous province with a vibrant cultural landscape. Celebrating its centennial in 2005, Alberta is the first Canadian province to be featured at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Yeah, and let us hope it’s the last.

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