DC Green Mayoral Candidate Mixer

Are you a statehood fan, believing we should have more than “shadow” representation in Congress?

Do you also recycle religiously, separating and rinsing all your Whole Paycheck Foods glass, plastic, and non-ferrous metal containers?

Then skip your previous pool party weekend plans, for its time to rally the troops (and signatures) for the DC Statehood Green Party at their Mayoral candidate mixer today in DC’s first all eco-friendly store, Future Green.

Note that you will not be seeing Cropp or Fenty, we’re talking the DC Statehood Green Party candidates – as in there are actually more than one attempting to win the DCSGP endorsement. Like it would matter.

If you go, do me a favor, check for vegans wearing leather.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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