Free Bicycle Valet Service on the Mall

Are you one of the patriotic fools revelers headed to the madness that will be the National Mall tomorrow? Are you dreading the sweaty and crowded Metro post-pyrotechnics? Might you be even crazy enough to consider driving?

Please let me persuade you to an alternative – ride you bike! Not only will a bicycle be easier to store and faster to leave by, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association will provide free Valet Bike Parking on the Mall.

The Bike Valet Service will be located on the grassy area just across the street from the Washington Monument’s East entrance from 10:00am until 10:00pm. You can even use the handy Gmap Pedometer to chart your course right to the Valet Service location.

Even if you don’t wanna valet, I strong suggest you bike long before you drive and maybe even in lieu of Metro.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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