Focus, Ms. Mizeur, Focus

Dear Ms. Mizeur,

Congratulations on your very impressive political website. It is quite first rate, all Flash animation that takes a few minutes to load, even on my fast connection, and plays video without my prompt, perfect for office viewing.

And while that photo of the Silver Spring(?) Metro Station in the background of your main page really expresses your stand on the issues of our day, I have to say you might want to rethink one small aspect of your online campaign presence; your Google ads.

I see them on the site I write for, and while I can understand your desire to identify with Maryland, hence the big flag, you may want to make sure said flag is in focus.

The blurry image, especially one so large and prominent, might make great fodder for an opponent’s attack ads: “Ms. Mizeur – out of foucus, just like her Google ads”

A District Resident

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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