Got the urge to scratch?

Let’s say you’re at the newly rebuilt Argyle Convenient Store at the corner of Mt Pleasant Ave and Park Road NW and you have an itch. You even got the urge to scratch. Now you can do it automatic like the Tik Tok Easy Shop.

Yep, the DC Lottery now has lottery ticket vending machines.

Similar to the auto lotto machines I saw in San Francisco, I am surprised that a over 18 activity can be so easily accessed by youth. Not that lottery addiction, like say smoking, is a major juvenile problem, I am surprised that in this slot machine defeating town, the DC Lottery got approval for the kid-friendly machines.

I just hope that if Junior does manage to buy and win, he gets an adult to claim the prize pronto. Learning that D.C. Lottery winners have $2.6 million in unclaimed prize money makes me sick.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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