Oh Great. Just What We Wanted. More Protestors.

Cindy Sheehan’s “Camp Casey” is moving to DC this September to become “Camp Democracy” at “Fort Fedup” on the Mall. Great.

Just great.

Another national movement who seeks redress from their government through means that seek to deprive the local populace of their resources. It’s not just that I disagree with Sheehan (though I do), or that I think she’d do well with some real grief counseling (which she could use), or even that those who are using her grief for their own personal needs ought to be ashamed (which they should), but that for the most part, movements that descend on DC do little for those of us who actually live here.

For us, they are sound and fury often signifying nothing. It’s not that we’re not involved in issues, far from it, but those of us who are here realize how little an encampment in front of the White House or the Capitol or on the Mall do. Despite the massive immigration protests in May and April, where are we on the issue? Nowhere. Despite massive marches on cities across the US, are we any closer to resolving Iraq? Nope. WTO and World Bank protests? No results.

But yet, still they come and march on DC. Seeking redress.

What will they find?


David Swanson from the Camp Democracy group has said they’ll be between 3rd and 7th on the Mall, and also between the American History Museum and the Washington Monument. Apparently he also has an inflated idea of how many people will show up. Here’s hoping they can keep out of the kickball/softball games.

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