Beat the Heat!

It’s hot outside. But if you’ve even walked across the street you know that already.

And if you’re like the rest of us, you’re dreading the end of the day. Inside your office you should be cool, chilled by The Man’s air conditioning.

Home is another story. There you may have a creaky old A/C like me, and worse, have to pay for the electric bill.

How can you, potentially perspiring reader, escape this Heat Advisory day? We here at DC Metroblogging offer a few creative solutions:

Places to Go

  • Head to underground bars like Atomic/Bedrock/Buffalo Billiards or Kokopooli. But be warned, if you’re thinking one of the more popular venues, it will be crowded. Underground bars are not a novel idea.
  • Visit the Cathedral Catacombs or the National Aquarium. While not as inebriating as an underground bar, these places will be naturally cool and you might just learn something too.
  • Go swimming! This year all 18 outdoor DC public pools are free and odds are there is one in your neighbourhood opening right when you get off work.

If you can’t get it together to go somewhere else, and you just have to sweat it out at home, do not fear DC Metroblogging has ideas, right here:

Things to Do:

  • Eat Ice Cream! I’m sure you can agree, there is no better time to eat the cold goodness than on a hot day and there might be a Ben & Jerry’s special at Safeway.
  • If you have a yard and hose, you can always get old skol and go Slip-n-Slide, cooling off while you revert to grade school.
  • Do what all the cool Philippians Filipinas do, pour yourself a tall glass of beer + lime + ice or get Sri Lankan and make it beer + lime + ice in ice buckets

Now last but not least, if none of these ideas call to you, you could invoke the option of very last resort; you could stay at work longer, surfing the web reading up on work-related subjects until the heat fades.

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