WAKA Independence Division – M.I.A.

The two – the only

While I was disappointed that my kickball team, Morally Casual, went missing in action, it seems my team’s disillusionment, disinterest, and dissatisfaction was not wholly dissimilar to other’s experience in the league.

The World Adult Kickball summer 2006 playoffs are becoming a test of perseverance, the team that actually shows up is going to win. No play needed. Do you think I’m exaggerating? How about this email from the league captain:

“Because of the large number of forfeits we will be condensing the playoffs into a 12 team format.

Morally Casual, Franks Tanks, Holy Shirts and Pants and Recreational Anomaly are out. If you’re on one of those teams sorry.”

That would be 25% of the kickball league forfeiting for a lack of four girls + four boys willing to kick the ball. Why the loss of WAKA teams?

Could it be the result of WAKA kickball being kicked down the Mall? Or maybe losing players to the two other kickball leagues breathing down their neck? My bet, WAKA is too fat with over $1 million in revenues and lost its hunger for real kickball on the National Mall.

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