Why DC is Losing Its Terrorism Protection Money

Chances are, it’s incidences like these that are costing DC at budget time for Department of Homeland Security funds. Our cohorts in Minneapolis think it’s probably just as ridiculous as it looks, but it seems that events like these are used by other states to drum up support for increased budgets to protect things like the Mitchell Corn Palace or some other roadside wonder instead of being used to protect real, actual targets instead of things that are bullshit excuses from middle american politicians to “protect omaha from them dern terrists!”

Fact is, it’s our big cities, like this one, like LA, like NYC, that are going to be the targets, not Omaha, not Minneapolis (even if they do throw sweet zombie parties!) not Kansas City.

But still, those congresscritters think the best way to protect their jobs is to “prevent terrorism” in the same way that our city council believes the best way to be reelected is to “prevent crime” by adding useless cameras.

Eventually, it’s going to cost lives.

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