The Pick Up Scene on the Green

Last night’s Screen on the Green movie, Bullit, a Steve McQueen classic, brought out all the hotties – I even started out the night with two supermodels!

All that estrogen in the air put a zap to our heads, for the usual party scene of Screen on the Green took a different twist. It became the pick up scene of Screen on the Green!

Slowly, as the bottles of wine emptied, ears were filled with sweet nothings, arms wrapped around bodies, and not a few couples were lip-locking more than movie watching.

Next week’s movie, “To Have and Have Not” promises to up the romace even more. Just read Screen on the Green’s description:

Apolitical hero Humphrey Bogart helps out the French Resistance during WWII by smuggling human cargo. Sparks fly when Bogart meets Bacall (19-year-old Lauren in her screen debut) who gives him plenty of attitude and lessons in whistling. Their real-life love affair began on the spot.

Might your next love begin on the spot too? The pick up scene of Screen on the Green!

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