Wanna help with the 2006 Advanced Shopping Cart?

Do you remember the Washington City Paper article, “Blood, Sweat and Gears,” on the Roosevelt High School Robotics Team?

Did you want to be the haggard proud mentor of the robotics team, Tac Tacelosky, and lead the team in building the “advanced shopping cart”? Well here is your chance!

Tac is leading a training session on Saturday, August 5, at UDC for adults to learn all about building a Vex Robot – what the students compete with. Oh, and if your hesitant to be thought of as mechanical competent, Tac says:

Don’t worry if your background isn’t engineering — these kits are designed for high schoolers. If you’re an adult who can follow a recipe or put together IKEA furniture (or at least mostly put it together), you can handle this.

In addition, if you’re more skilled in C, Visual Basic, or spreadsheet macros, they need programmers as much as engineers.

Still, if your only times wearing a tool belt you were dancing on a bar, there are other ways to help. Tac has the goal of getting at least two Vex Robotics kits into District High Schools that want them and a $250 tax-deductible donation can make that happen for your favorite school.

Interested? Check out the details on the 501 Tech Club Listserv

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