The Hardest Working Man in PG County

So I’m reading the WashPost article about Aaron J. Burroughs, a junior varsity assistant coach at Bowie High School who is accused of pimping out a 15 year old girl. And while I am horrified at his actions with the minor, he apparently was selling her since September, I am amazed at the man’s industry.

Let’s take a look at Mr. Burroughs jobs:

  • He’s most well known as a junior varsity assistant coach at Bowie High School, a time consuming if not so lucrative occupation. This is also were he may have met the girl he’s accused of prostituting in the District.
  • He’s also a Metrobus driver, and even got busy with the girl in the Bladensburg Metrobus yard
  • He stands accused of being a pimp, selling the girl for sex at $150 a tryst out of the Budget Inn on New York Ave NE
  • And last but not least, to quote the Post: “He also admitted to having two pounds of marijuana in his vehicle, saying he supplemented his income by selling the drug”

“Supplemented his income”?? That man has four job! He would make the Hedleys of In Living Color proud of his work ethic if not his chosen professions. Me, I’m just surprised it took all four jobs to support his home in Crofton and his bus yard sex Range Rover.

There’s gotta be more uses of his money, he’s sure not spending it on his defense. Not only did he admit to most of the child sexual abuse charges, he’s being represented by the Public Defender.

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