Stop That Little Boy! He Stole My Phone!

So it’s the day before your birthday, you’re about to get in your truck at the Landover Metro Station, when you get a bad feeling. You know something is about to go down and then it does. A boy, say 10-12 years old grabs your cell phone and makes a run for it.

What do you do? How do you react in that split second as the little punk dissapears with the cell phone your father gave you for graduation? If you are Tiffany of GoldenTimeofDay there is only one reaction:

I take off after him…purse, work bag and all….in a black dress and flip flops…running across the entire Landover Parking Lot yelling:


And Tiffany, in flops and all, catches the little brat and goes all Paul Kersey on the boy, spraying a can of Whoop Ass on him. While you can read the blow by blow on her post about the attempted robbery, her central question is one I wonder often too:

what is happening to our kids? Why….why….why….

Now we have a new body for the penal system, a young one at that. A fresh-faced phone snatcher, who may one day, be the purse snatcher, the real-gun robber that sparks a Crime Emergency in years to come.

Until then, heads up if you headed out east on the Orange line. It seems these mini-thieves are targeting Nextel phones for the resale value.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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