Today’s Heat Indexed Unhappiness

While I’m on video egg checking just how hot it is, others are finding the heat too hot to handle. First up is Gridskipper, who denounced my egg-frying skills with this missive:

One, it is actually hot and, more importantly, the street is no place to fry an egg on a hot day…the best place to fry an egg would be on a dark rooftop, not on the street.

Shocked that the normally fun and playful Gridskipper went snarky on the Kings of Snark, I investigated and found the root cause of Gridskippers bitchiness. From the Head Grid himself:

[Your comments ability request] shall be granted though sadly not tonight since the heat somehow f[**]ked the internet for the entire lower east side.

Ouch, sorry about that Gridskipper. Folks in DC can feel your pain today too. From this morning’s Alert DC Utility Outage email:

PEPCO reports scattered outages for the District, in locations of upper Northwest and some parts of Northeast. PEPCO stated that 3,824 customers are affected and the problem could possibly be a tripped feeder. PEPCO units are working on the problem now. EMA will continue to monitor.

That would be 3,824 now sweltering Internet-less readers without their favorite websites, Metroblogging DC and Gridskipper.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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