How Dangerous is Scarfing in Virginia?

This is the question I wonder this afternoon as I read the Richmond Times-Dispatch article about Benjamin Fawley. He is charged with murder in the death of Taylor Behl, last October’s missing college co-ed of the month.

I ask this as scarfing is what Ms. Behl died of. See, she and Mr. Fawley were into scarfing, or erotic asphyxiation, consentual scarfing that is. To quote the Times-Dispatch:

He told police Behl died accidentally Sept. 6 during a consensual sexual encounter when he restricted her breathing.

Tomorrow we’ll learn if the plea agreement for Mr. Fawley to plead guilty to second-degree murder will be about scarfing, their consensual sex act, or his post-choke cover-up.

If scarfing, which I expect, Virginia will be on its usual pseudo-religious crusade to ban anything but straight vanilla sex. Kinky people, time to flee. Gays already have.

If the post-choke cover-up, which included burying her body in duct tape and plastic, then there might just be some sanity left in the Commonwealth after all. He should’ve called 911 when she stopped responding, not dumped her body in the woods.

More Times-Dispatch coverage of the Taylor Marie Behl case

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